The unique benefits of becoming a Founder Member

Diligent Eye Founder Members

So what exactly does it mean for you to become a Diligent Eye Founder Member?

As you probably know if you’ve been following us, Diligent Eye is a brand new service, designed to help investors or would-be investors in innovative packaged investments.

We have a clear mission to help a seriously under-served community of investors in the more esoteric investments on the market to make informed and more confident decisions based on careful and thorough research rather than simply reassuring words.

We believe VIP Founder Membership of Diligent Eye is important to you, to fellow investors and vital to our mission. You will be part of a community of like-minded individuals who each want to be better served by the investment industry.

There is no monetary cost to becoming one of just 50 ground-breaking Founder Members. This is a carefully selected close community and we will be asking you from time to time what you need from us, sharing our ideas with you before we go ahead and make them reality.

For other members we will be charging a monthly subscription, but as a thank-you, each Founder Member is given complimentary subscription – for life. This will entitled you to discounted investment reports from our growing knowledge base of investment reports, courses and training webinars. All designed to make you a better, safer investor in alternative and property investments. You will also be given access to our private Founder Members Facebook group.

Apply to become a Founder Member today by simply emailing me privately at –  or just reply to this post and we’ll be in touch.

Thanks for your support.

Graham Turrell,
Diligent Eye


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