Services for investors


Our bespoke service allows pre-investors to request Diligent Eye™ Reports for specified property and alternative investments to provide you with the background knowledge and all the information you need to make a fully informed decision about whether to proceed with the investment you are considering.

We offer several levels of detail according to the amount of research you need:

Bronze : A straightforward desktop research service that covers track record of the company and its directors, and a full description of the business model behind the investment, together with a detailed score from our 300-points due diligence assessment.

From £195 + VAT

Silver: all the research from the Bronze service plus industry analysis using our decade of contacts and experience in the world of alternative and property investment. Also includes a simple "sanity check" of all provided contract documents between the investor and the product provider.

From £295 + VAT

Gold: all the contents of the Silver service plus interviews with product provider key personnel and selling agent(s).

From £495 + VAT

Platinum: all the services from Gold, plus a "site visit" (where appropriate) and in-depth Legal Review included on key areas of the contract documents.

From £895 + VAT (ask for a quote)

Our add-on Legal Review Pack is also available with Gold and Silver for an additional fee from £247 + VAT

Coming soon - The Vault:

We will soon be offering online access to the research and reports we have on the full and growing range of investment products we have researched. These can be purchased individually, or at a greatly reduced  report fee for VIP Subscription members of Diligent Eye.