Prevention is better than cure – the cost of research compared to damage limitation

A stitch in time ...

My first career was in software development.

Here I learned fast that finding and fixing a software bug whilst writing the code was 10 times cheaper than finding it while testing the code, and 100 times cheaper than fixing it once the application is released and live to customers.

The old adage is true – prevention is better than cure. And when there is investment capital at stake, it couldn’t be more true.

As an investor, learning how to take back control and following a proven regime of research and investigation into not just the investor-centric investment offer, but looking closely at the viability of the business. Then,  you need to be confident that your capital is protected if things go wrong. Lastly that you’re happy with the  good standing and competence of the company directors and other persons of influence. All these considerations are, we believe absolutely vital. Whether you’re investing £5,000 or £500,000.

Happily there are simple steps that can be taken to do just that. Some are obvious, some less so, and learning exactly what questions to ask, and of whom, is a huge step in the right direction.

How much is it worth to avoid the cost of recovering from a poorly researched investment?



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