New Due Diligence Service and Platform Launched this week.

Diligent Eye are super excited to announce the next stage of our growth plans for 2022.

This week our new site has gone live and immediately connects with our growing audience of property investors and industry professionals that use our due diligence services to manage the risk associated with their investments of time as well as money.

We’re offering our services in two ways, depending on your needs:

Bespoke consultancy.

We will unearth for you a richly detailed analysis of the property investment or service provider you are considering engaging with, to help you make a clear decision about whether and how to proceed.

We now have a very limited number of consultancy slots still available for January and February so if you’d like to discuss how we can help you thoroughly research a property investment opportunity, just let us know by requesting a free consultation.

Off-the-shelf briefings.

The Vault: An online shop offering frequently-requested briefings to own for your research, on property investments currently being marketed in the UK. Using the same principles and tools we use in our bespoke projects and even provides a “star rating” summary. We focus on new-build & off-the-plan residential & student developments, along with property developer’s fixed income Loan Notes. Those reports marked “coming soon” will be arriving shortly and you can ask to be notified via a waitlist when the report goes live on the site.

Constant evolution.

Many more features of The Vault are being prepared behind the scenes, and briefings are being brought live over the next few weeks. We hope in the meantime this will give you a good understanding of what’s on offer in 2022 and a taste of what’s to come.

Check out the new site today, and do get in touch with questions or feedback. We are constantly refining our offering, so have a look around and let us know what you think.


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