The benefits of curiosity

Get Curious

Curiosity Over Fear. If you’re afraid of something, the best way to overcome that fear is to get curious about it.

In investment decisions, If you have a nagging doubt or fear of what you are about to do (or miss out on), investment research is ultimately all about getting curious with focussed questioning, to reduce the fear of making a bad decision.

Get curious about the unknown, but also curious about where the fear is coming from, and so dispel it.

“Curiosity will conquer Fear over more than bravery will.”

James Stephens

When it comes to investing, our reluctance to carry out formal due diligence (or more accurately, Investment Research) is often fear of the unknown, of missing something crucial, of getting “bogged down in detail” .

This fear can cause us to either “shut down” and simply say “this one’s not for me”, or the other end of the spectrum to put blind faith in our investment broker’s investment presentation.

Both of these extremes save us the need to overcome our fears, but do us no favours at all! The result is we end up making uninformed decisions.

To tackle our aversion to (fear of) Investment Research the answer is simple:

get curious.

“I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious.”

Albert Einstein

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