How to beat the odds with your investment

The journey from perceived risk to actual risk must be well understood to invest safely -  in anything.

After 10 years as an alternative investment broker, and 10 before that as an amateur property investor, I’ve seen it all.

Statistically with property, out of 10 investment properties, 6 are average, 2 perform outstandingly and 2 are dogs. This is what’s known as a Normal Distribution. This is true of alternative investments as well, although our experience shows the overall ratio is more like 4-2-4.

Can we do better ? You bet we can.

The secret is due diligence. It’s a well-worn, over-used and poorly defined term. Both words are important here. Diligence is about care and thorough research. We all want to do this, some achieve it, some think they’ve achieved it, others are simply unsure and trust to luck or Karma.

As an investor you owe it to yourself to see beyond the headlines, the “promotion of the upside”. It’s your money at stake and you need to be sure your capital is protected. It’s “due” – appropriate, essential, and your responsibility.

You can do this yourself (given the tools and methods) – if you have the time and resources.

Or Diligent Eye can do it for you. Reports that reveal more than most about your odds of investing successfully in alternatives, giving you an expert partner and ultimately making you a better, happier investor.


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