Graham speaking at the London Hyde Park Property Meet in November

Graham to speak at London property event

Those near Central London looking for ways to increase their property and investing knowledge and skill, are congregating at the next Hyde Park Property Meet, on Tuesday November 26th at 6.30pm. Sold out well over a week before the event!

For us this is a superb opportunity to promote the values of Diligent Eye along with other industry experts focussing on the skills needed for safer UK property investment. It’s looking like the event is sold out, but rest easy: I’ll publish the presentation online for you afterwards.

Why I’m keen :

We all want to invest safely and confidently. My mission is to reach out to investors, brokers and product providers about the crucial skills of investment research, which can make the difference between a rocky, or a highly successful investing experience. 

Attendees will learn tips on how to create their own watertight investment screening process for safer and well-informed investment choices – every time.

Discover more about the event and the speakers.

I’m really looking forward to meeting some great people at the event and I’m told there’s plenty of opportunity to network over buffet and drinks afterwards. Cheers!


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