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We're Helping Property Investors and Professionals Overcome the Stress of
Choosing the Right Investments for their Needs.

For Real Estate Investors

For investors in all kinds of newbuild & off-plan UK property. 

Gain unique insights into your prospective investments from independent business experts. Be at peace with your investment decisions armed with the knowledge we provide.

For Property Professionals

Save time and stress in finding the next investment product to market to your leadbase. 

We support property professionals with product and business analysis to turbo-charge their due diligence. Use Diligent Eye as a powerful partnership tool to help build and enhance your reputation for trustworthy investments and delighted buyers.  

For Investment Advisors

Independent Financial Advisors and wealth managers support their debt or equity property investing clients.

use our specialist investigative services that will unearth any concerns that should be highlighted to the client, or give peace of mind to both investor and advisor. 

Client Testimonials

Who we Help

Check out some examples of the types of clients we love to work with.

How we Work

Peek into some of the methods, systems and tools we use to revolutionise property investment due diligence and create magic for our clients.

Who we Help

Check out some examples of the types of client we love to work with.

Why Choose Us?

Experienced team

With over 15 years as property investment professionals; nearly 20 years as property investors and a further quarter of a century's corporate background in analysis, we uniquely bring together the expertise and the tools to scrutinise property investments and their businesses like no other.

Communications expertise

It's one thing to dive deep into every aspect of a property investment proposition. It's quite another to distill everything we discover into easy-to-follow conclusions. Diligent Eye speaks the language of property to help investors and professionals alike make calm, confident stress-free investment decisions.

Proven methods

Driven by our passion to make property investment decisions as balanced and informed as they can be, we do not stop until we have the answers. We draw on time-honoured business analysis tools and tailor them in a focussed, intelligent and pragmatic way to deliver great cost-effective results for our clients.

We Take Pride in Our Clients & Partners

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