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Welcome to Diligent Eye - a guiding eye over your investments.

What’s the catch with Alternative Investments?

Investing in Alternatives -  the likes of property development; crowdfunding; loan notes; green energy or even fine wines and movie making - has the potential to give private investors like you some very good bank-beating returns. That’s good news.

The trouble is, that with a real variation of investment quality, it can feel like a gamble - even for the most seasoned investor, with few places to turn for independent cost effective, expert guidance before you invest. Because of this, sadly too many investors have fallen foul of investments that have gone wrong.  The challenge is being confident in knowing what the real investment risk is, and then deciding whether the risk is really worth the promised rewards.

So what's the solution?

It’s often said that the best investment is knowledge, and when it’s your own savings at on the line, informed decisions are what make successful investors. When it comes to researching a possible investment, Diligent Eye can help you. With over a decade ourselves in the world of alternative investments we harness our knowledge to be your expert eye into your future investments. While even the best salespeople will often “emphasise the positive”, we tell it like it is. We don’t guarantee your investment but we’re committed to equip you with all you need to help make the right investment choices for yourself.

How do we do this?

Using our specialised research tools, experienced team of investigators, we dig deep into the investments you’re considering and offer you with a step-by-step report covering all the essential aspects of the investment. We give you at-a-glance feedback using our unique Utopian Scoring SystemTM and straightforward “Traffic Light” summaries if you’re in a hurry. Diligent Eye has a large and ever-growing storage bank of reports across a wide range of property and other alternative investments.

Make it easy on yourself…

Our aim is to be your expert partners in the world of investment, so you’ll gain the peace of mind that you’ve thoroughly and professionally researched your investment ideas and can go on to make the right investment decisions for you.

Your expert guide

If you're thinking of investing in the Alternative Investment Market (AIM) or other small-cap alternative investments, you want to do as much research as you can to decide whether the risk is worth the promised reward. But often, it's about knowing what questions to ask - and who can answer them.

Whether you're considering tax-efficient vehicles such as EIS/SEIS or VCT investments; ISA-compliant investments; debt instruments such as mini-bonds or crowdfunding platforms, we can shine a light on those investments - giving you the fruits of our independent research to supercharge your due diligence.

As your expert guide and partner, we dig deep into your prospective investment and share with you our findings, helping you to make a more confident and informed decision.


The world of alternative investments is a varied one. There are great opportunities to enjoy high returns, but in a unregulated world there are also products frankly almost doomed to failure. Our 10 years of experience in due diligence on alternative investments gives us a unique insight that few can match.

Our purpose in life is to help investors navigate the world of alternative investments armed with greater knowledge and understanding of the investments they're considering: knowledge is power.

We do this by applying rigorous due diligence systems built and developed over a decade of experience in the world of alternative investments - both good and bad.

Our services are growing. The devil is often in the detail and our latest addition to our range of services is our new legal team who will be ready to offer their opinion on your investment's contractual terms should you select one of our LegalPower report packages.

What we won't do... Diligent Eye does not sell investments and will only accept assignments where we have zero vested interest in your decision to invest.

We cannot give you financial advice and it's always your decision, perhaps with the help of a financial adviser, whether to proceed with your proposed investment. What we can do is equip you to make an informed decision.

In a nutshell: Alternative investments can be highly rewarding and our aim is to help you succeed armed with the expert knowledge and insight you need to make the right decision.

What our customers say :

"Diligent Eye provided me with a comprehensive due diligence report into companies concerned in a UK hotel development investment I was interested in. The report was completed promptly and professionally and was tailored to my needs as a UK investor frequently based off shore.

Diligent Eye have also supported me to identify and resolve issues arising within companies with which I am involved, quickly and efficiently.  Diligent Eye have proved to me that they are able to offer a high standard of service which responds to my needs as an investor and I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending their services."

Martin Worth,  Cardiff


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